We change costumes every 5 years. Here is some info about our 2014 Costumes!

So what's up with these Amazing costumes?

In Summer 2014 Irish Dance Idaho retired our beautiful Black Dresses and introduced our new Red Dresses. These costumes are made out of organic cotton specifically dyed for IDI. The process to make these beautiful dresses involves 30 hours of hand-stitching! No machines involved!  The designs on the dress came straight from the Book of Kells - modified for construction on the dress. 

One of the things we have to take into consideration when choosing new costumes is washability. We sweat like crazy at Irish Dance Idaho and if we can't wash our costumes, you can smell us coming from a mile away! Well maybe half a mile... The Red Dresses are washable and create uniformity without detracting from the dancing. We love them and hope our audience appreciates them, too!



Notice the flower.  Our application of the traditional flower design has been slightly modified to not only represent the flower in the Book of Kells, but also our Idaho Syringa, (our state flower).  It also looks somewhat like a shamrock. The border below was modified only to make sure the mechanics were correct for our application.  If the line is too continuous, it will compromise the integrity of the dress and won't last very long.  In our design, they kind of look like bass cleffs doing birdies- which we think is kind of fun!  :)





So after all that time and effort, here are the new IDI dresses!